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Insert Switcher

The Insert Switcher is Offered as A Bare Circuit Board or Assembled and Tested Shown Above.


Full bypass with fully-balanced hot/cold switching. Fully passive.
Two Inserts with Flip. (14 relays total.)
PC board can be assembled for single insert or two inserts without flip.
Ideal for overall Precision MS Board Bypass or MS Insert
Backbone connection may be split to provide two independent full bypass sections.
Single Insert uses four relays; Two Insert uses 8 relays.
Backbone signal flows through the connections on the left to the right.
Insert connections are on the 25 pin D in a modified Tascam format.
Normal signal flow is Left/Right In > Insert 1 > Insert 2 > Left/Right Out.
Flipped signal flow is Left/Right In > Insert 2 > Insert 1 > Left/Right Out.
Cascadable using additional boards in series for more inserts.
Current-limited LED tally outputs are available.
Isolated audio, relay and chassis grounds.
Series-parallel coil connection to reduce switching currents.
Coils are 12V, control supply is 24V.
Approximately 140 mA @ 24V max using high-sensitivity 12V relays.
Assembled units use sealed low signal current relays.
Powerable from +/-15V supplies using an external 7824 or LM317 regulator.
Ideal for MS Matrix Insert/Bypass.
The construction thread for the Insert Switcher including, schematics, bill-of-materials and other information is in the Pro Audio Design Forum.

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