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Eletech Message
ELP Laser Turntable
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Audio Video Streams

Backbone Internet Streaming
KXT 91.7
KXT 91.7 Listen Live
Radio Paradise
WBAP Player
World Band Radio



AES E-Library
AES E-Library Floru
AES E-Library Proofs of an Absolute Polarity
AES Login
AES On-line Membership Application Form
British Audio Engineering Society
IEEE Xplore Login
Institute of Acoustics - Library

Application Notes

Analog Dialogue Log Compensation
Audio Applications Mouser Electronics
Clairex Photocell Application Book
CMR Resistor Matching
Current Mirror
Deboo Single-Supply Integrator - Maxim
Diodes Inc App Notes Zetex
FETching Discrete Amplifier
Filter Designer
High Pass Filter - Passive RC Filter Tutorial
Jensen Transformer App Notes
Jim Williams - EDN
Laws For Audio Engineers
Linear Technology Circuit
Maxim Logic-Level Translation
Political Correctness and Datasheets - Analog Devices
Power Amplifier ADI AN211.pdf
Rane Audio Reference
THAT4301 Profusion
TI - Analog Application Journal
TI AN-30 Log Amp.pdf
TI AN-311 Log Amp
TI Logic Level Translation
Understanding Common-Mode Signals
Understanding Galvanic Corrosion
Voltage Audio Distribution
Voltage-Inverter IC Forms High-Efficiency Rail Splitter
What's All This Logarithmic Stuff
Wilson Current Source

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2 Channels to Surround
A Matter of Balance
Audio Amp Repair Site
Audio converter subsystem design
Audio Designs With Opamps
Audio Scientific - Electronic Circuits
Audio Scientific Software
Audio Systems Publications
Audio VU Meter Russian Bargraph
Base Stoppers
Base Stoppers - Radio Board
BBC Engineering Info
Capacitor Characteristics
Chin Notes on MS-Matrix Circuits
Condenser mic dc-coupled impedance converter
DC servo questions
Deboo Differential DC Servo for AD851 HPA
Differential Amp Input Impedance IEEE
Dimitri Phono Preamp
Distortion Jack Endino
Douglas Self Site
Edcor Forum
EDN - Line Receiver Balance
Electronics by Uwe Beis
Elliott Sound Products - Audio Circuits
FM Audio Processing
Frequency Charactersitics of AC Circuits PPT
Gain Control Devices
GML Model 8900 User Reference
GSSL VCA Resistor Value Changes
Gyraf SSL Clone
High-Performance Balanced Interfaces
Implement An Audio Frequency Tilt Equalizer
Kev's Dual Mic-Pre
Linkwitz Lab - Loudspeaker Design
Measurements Rate SMT Low-Voltage n-JFETs
Mic Splitters and Loading
Microphone Site
New Sensor Reverb Springs
Noise in Audio Amplifiers
Notes on Audio Op-Amps
Op Amp Shootout Link
Op Amp Shootout Table
Pass D.I.Y.
Pete Millett's DIY Audio
Phantom Supply
Phase distortion
Pots - The Secret Life of Pots
Practical Line-Driving Current Requirements
Quadraphonic Manuals
Recording Studio Design - Google Book Search
Renardson Audio Amplifier Design
Russ Hamm Tubes vs. Transistors
Selecting Mic Preamps
Seventh Circle DIY Mic Preamps
SG-Acoustics · Samuel Groner
Simple Voltage Regulators Output Impedance
Simple Voltage Regulators Part 1- Noise
Simple Voltage Regulators Part 2-Noise
SQ Encoding Decoders
Stereo PPM Meter
Studer 90 Degree Filter
Technical books online
The Current Output DAC
Towards a differential active crossover
VCA and Op Amps Form Simple VCO
Walt Jung
Zen I-V Converter - diyAudio

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Blevins Audio
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JRF Magnetics
Objective Audio
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Acoustica Audio Software
Audacity Nyquist Plugins
Audio Plug-Ins
Audio Restoration Brian Davies
Computer Audio
David Taylor Utilities
DSP Guru
E-MU 0404 PCIE Review
E-MU 0404 Windows 10
FLAC vs Wav
Frequency Response Plotter
Jriver Phono Streaming
K-Meter Martin Zuther
Pure Bits Audio Analyser
Rightmark Audio Analyser
Roland Quad Capture Manual
Room EQ Wizard
Visual Analyser
Will Pirkle


Handbook for Sound Engineers - Glen Ballou


ABACOM Electronics Design Software
CircuitLab Simulator
EAGLE Layout Editor
Express PCB
ExpressPCB Parts


American Wire Gauge Table
Audio Calculations
CalcTool: RLC or LC circuit calculator
CircuitCalculator Std Values
E96 Resistor Calculator
Electronics Calculators
Logarithmic Attenuator Calculator
Meter Scale Drawing Tonne Software
Noise Calculator - TI
R-C Filter Calculator
Sallen-Key Low-pass Filter Design Tool
Sallen-Key Low-pass Filter Design Tool - Result
SDS Labs Java Stepped Attenuator
THAT1510 THAT1512 Gain Calculator
Thermal Noise Calculator
Tilt EQ Calculator
Transformer Turns Ratio Calculator
Wire Fusing Currents
Wire Parameter Calculator
XL Log and Inverse Log

Circuit and Link Collections

Antilog Converter Linearizes Carbon Dioxide Sensor
Circuits Bil Bowden
A 12-V Split Rail From A 5-V Bias
David Knight EE
Differential Amp Has 6dB Lower Noise, Twice The Bandwidth
Discover Circuits
Harry's Homebrew Homepage
Headphone Amplifier
Homo ludens sitemap
Jim Williams, AN13, & Op Amp Wizardry
LED Bargraph
LM555 Creates Power Driver

GPS Synchronized Nixie Clock
IC Digital Clocks
Nixie Clock Tube Clock Database
Nixie Stuff
Quartex® Atomic Clock Movement


Abracon Corporation
Accu Bell Sound Reverb
Alps Pot Tapers
AQY282S Panasonic Electric Works Solid State Relays
Aries Adapter Dip to TO
Audio Maintenance Limited Conductive Plastic
Audio Maintenance Single Gang Pots
Bel HAD15-0.4-AG Bipolar 15V Supply
Belden 9451 Technical Data Sheet
Bourns, Inc.
Brown Dog SMT-DIP Adapters
Buckeye Enclosures
Capacitor Codes - Transwiki
CCFL backlight lamps
Cinemag Transformers
CIT Switch F-Series
Coilcraft Common Mode TRS Filter
Collective Cases
Cooper Versa Pack Inductors
Cornell Dubilier
DACT home page
Digi-Key - 294-1085 Heatsink
Digi-Key JST VHR-5N
DIY In HK Shop
Duracell | Global Technical Product Data Sheets
E96 Values Logwell
EDCOR Electronics
Eljintek Switching Power Supplie
Elma Components
EMA 1710 LCD Analog Meter
EP Board SMT Adapters
Futurelec ICL8038CCPD
Goldpoint Attenuators
Goldpoint Level Controls
Goldpoint Prices
Heatsinks USA
HiFimeDIY UX1 ES9023 USB DAC+SPDIF/USB Converter
Hudson Deep Drawn Metal Manufacturing
Illinois Capacitor
Jensen Transformers
JST Connectors
Keystone Electronics - Brackets
KKB1031S28 Precision Electronics Corporation
Knobs - SELCO Products
KRL Bantry Components
Lorlin Rotary Switches
Mean Well
Meter Sales
Mic Input Common-Mode Choke
miniDSP Kits: DIGI-FP
Mouser Alpha Pots
Mouser Nichicon Aluminum Electrolytics
Mouser Nichicon Audio Caps
Mouser Vishay Z Foil
Mouser Vishay Z201 Resistors
Mouser WIMA Film Capacitors
Mouser WIMA Radial Lead Film Capacitors
Newark - Multicomp Board Components
Nichicon Aluminum Electrolytic Selector
NTE Fusible Resistors
NTE Semiconductors
Ohmite - MOX200001007JE - RES 1G OHM 1/4W 5% AXIAL
OKW Enclosures and Knobs
Omeg Potentiometers and Switches
ON Semiconductor NP0080TA
Panasonic Electric Works
Percy Audio
Pilot Lamps Kens Electronics
Potentiometer ALPHASTAT
Precision Resistor PT146
Precision Resistor Temperature Compensators
Pro Speaker Parts - Small Steel Boxes
RCD PTC Resistors
Redco Gotham GAC-2 Foil
Redco Mogami W2929 4 Conductor 28AWG Ultra Flexible
Reverb Springs CE Distribution
Scientific Conversion Transformers
SDT101-Platinum Thin Film Thermal Sensors
Selco Products
Silonex Inc. Home Page
SPDIF 41 ReceiverMUX Module
Sylvania 90MB Lamp IG-18
Tamura Transformers
TI SMT DIP Adapters
TKD Audio Controls
Tyco FRN25J10R Flameproof
Tyco RGP0207CHK1G0 1G Resistor
Visahay 1N4001GP
Vishay BC Components
Vishay Flameproof Resistors
Vishay Resistor CMB0207
Vishay Resistor SMM0204
Wurth Elektronik Midcom, Inc.


ADI AD4627 Bifet Op Amp
ADI AD8510 Bifet Op Amp
Datasheet Catalog
DataSheets Page
Electronic Component Datasheets
LT3571 - 75V DC-DC Converter
Motorola Semiconductor Library
TI OPA1612
TI PCM2906
TI PCM4202
TI TL072
TI TLE2426


Counting & display tubes
LCD VU Oscilloscope RTA, Envelope, Goniometer
Nixie Tubes - Nixie Röhren - Nixie World
Noritake Displays
Vacuum & Incandescent Displays - Surplus Sales

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All Electronics Corp
Allied Electronics
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Apex Electronics
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CIT Relay
Das Musikding
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Don Audio
Electronic Goldmine
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Fedco Electronics Batteries
Front Panel Express
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iDefender USB Isolator
IMS Meters
Information Unlimited
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JLM Audio Products
John Hardy Co.
Madisound Speaker Store
Master Electronics
Mouser Electronics
Newark MultiComp Brands
Novus Plastic Polish
Par-Metal Products
Parts ConneXion
Parts Express
PIHER Potentiometers
Pioneer Electronics Parts
Precision Resistor
PrimeLED LED Bargraphs
Profusion plc
Radio Spares RS Components
Sager Electronics
Screaming Circuits
Skycraft Parts Surplus
Small Bear Electronics
Spark Fun Electronics
Sphere Components
State Electronics - Potentiometers - Power Products
Summit Electronics
Surplus Resources
Surplus Sales of Nebraska
Toronto Surplus
Triode Electronics
TTI Inc.
Union Electronic Distributors


Aether Machine
Building your own stompbox
How to design valve guitar amplifiers
JLM Audio Shop
K7000 Velleman Signal Injector Tracer Kit

Fasteners and Hardware

1/4-20 ACORN CAP NUTS, ALUMINUM | Fastenal
Albany County Fasteners
Fastener Mart
MiniTec T-Slotted Aluminum Extrusions
West Coast Lockwasher


A Simple 10W Class-A Amp Using the DRV134 - diyAudio
Amplifiers - TI E2E Community
Audio Amplifiers Forum - Audio Amplifiers - E2E
Audio Asylum
Balanced wiring from Din - Vinyl Engine
Bob's Mailbox WK Post
Compressor Post
Digitizing vinyl - Page 40 - diyAudio
Direct-Coupled Input-Capacitorless Active Mic Preamp - Prodigy Pro Archive
DIY SQ Decoders
DIY Synthesizer - German
diyAudio Forums
Electro-Music DIY Hardware and Software
Electro-Music Dome Filter
Electronic Equipment Repair
FCS MSP-02 custom analog Mid/Side processor -
Gearslutz Pro Audio Community - Mastering for Vinyl
Group DIY
Group DIY Post Headphone Amp
Has anyone tried the Foote P3500?
Home Recording
Low-distortion Audio-range Oscillator - Page 21 - diyAudio
Low-distortion Audio-range Oscillator - Page 686 - diyAudio
Mastering Insert Switchers
New Dual Class-A Headphone and Line Amp from Wayne Kirkwood - Gearslutz
Prodigy Professional :: View Forum - Drawing Board
Prodigy Professional :: View topic - A Direct-Coupled Input-Capacitorless Active Mic Preamp
Products | Foote Control Systems
PRW - Audio Recording and Music Production
Kits Solve a Multitude of Problems - Radio World
Real Gear Online
Simple Class A Headphone Amp Using THAT1646 - diyAudio
Software rumble filters - Vinyl Engine
Texar Audio Prisms - Radio Discussions
The Death Of Surplus - Hackaday
Neumann BSB 74 Acceleration Limiter - The Secret Society of Lathe Trolls
TI INA163 Offset Voltage
Vbe Matcher
Virtual Ground (A Regulated Rail Splitter) - diyAudio
Way to Approach Saturation in Mastering - Gearslutz
Where have all the Low Noise Transistors Gone - diyAudio Forum MicMix Dynaflanger Schematics and Circuit Description


Heathkit Catalog
Heathkit Ham Radio
Heathkit NU
Heathkit Parts
Heathkit Schematic Archive
Heathkit Stereo Service and Repair
heathkit-parts Heathkit
Nostalgic Kits Central - Information on Heathkit and others


Alfred Gilbert
Analog Op Amp Design History
Apollo Guidance Computer
Commodor Apple
Computer History Museum Remembering Jim Williams
Did Commodore Contibute More Than Apple?
EDN - Apple II goes on sale, June 5, 1977
Gallery of rare early US Transistors
IBM Archives - History of IBM
IC Die Photography
LED Museum
Museum of Magnetic Sound Recording
Radio Shack Catalogs
Radio Shack P-Box Kit
Radio Shack P-Box Kits
Radio World: Oliver Berliner Reveals “The Secret of the Sixteen Twelve”
Remembering Bob Pease -
Slide Rule Museum
Smithsonian ICs
Steve's Antique Technology
Tektronix Equipment Museum
Texas Instruments - Interactive Timeline


Philbrick Archive
RightMark Audio Analyzer
Sensors by Measurement Specialties


American Radio History
Audio Media Magazine
AudioXpress Magazine
EDN - Design Ideas Archives
EE Times Online
EE Web
Electronic Design
Electronic Design Ideas for Design
Electronic Products Magazine
Electronics World
Linear Audio Magazine
Mix Magazine
Radio World Home
SV & C
Wireless World Articles


AES SAL 74/SX 74 Acceleration Limiter
Album Dynamic Range Database
Audacity Forum • View topic - Elliptical Equalizer (mono crossfeed filter)
Center That Sub! - Ian Stewart Flotown Mastering
Chicago Mastering Service
Cutting Engineers -
Feedback Head Plot
Looking for 'Loudness War' Example
Master Transfer Console
NYT Loudness War Article
Plangent Processes
THE BEATLES "Rubber Soul" Stereo Mix: Why the Return to Hard-Pan L&R? - Steve Hoffmans
Traditionally, bass is usually in mono... - Gearslutz Pro Audio Community
Vinyl Mastering FAQs
Why do waveforms sometimes look lop-sided ?

Mid Side

Buzz Audio MS Compressor
Mid Side Ceiling Speakers - AVS Forum Home Theater
Mid Side Mic Recording Basics
Mid Side Speaker System - Raw Sound
Mid Side Speakers - Speakerplans Forums
Space Station MS Amp


Dynamic Range Expander - Rogers
Hutson Semi Patent
Improved Dual Channel Amplifier System - Dow
Multiplier Circuit - Gilbert
Ohmically Isolated Input Circuit - Meyer
Real Time Cochlear Implant Processor - Scott and Kirkwood
Reverberation Apparatus - Hall


Bob Pease Dies
Burwin Audio
Jim Williams Dies
Leo Hoarty
Richard L. Hess

Phono Preamps

78 RPM and RIAA Preamplifier
A Paul Kemble web page - sundry styli interfaces.
Amazon Parasound - Zphono MMMC Phono Stage with USB
Balanced Unbalanced Tonearms Technics 1200 1210 MKII
Caruso Preamp Schematics - Lathe Trolls
Denon DL-103R And DL-103 Reviews
DW 999 Pre-preamplifier Manual
Georg Neumann GmbH - History Part 4
HPS 3.0 Phono Preamp Schematic
JICO Stylus
KAB Electro Acoustics
Leach Moving Coil Head Amps
Leo Hoarty Explains SugarCube Vinyl Ripping System
Low Noise Design Schematics
LP Calibration in The Mastering Room Forum
MC Preamp Design ZTX851 Post
Ortofon Accessories
Pfanstiehl 759 Stylus
Phono Cartridge Loading
Phono Preamp
Phono Replay Equalisation - IASAA 5.2.6
Restoring Vinyl Records
RIAA and the Neumann Pole
RIAA Curve
Technics MN6042 Upgrade |
The Derumbleizer
The Vinyl District
V-M Audio
Vadlyd MD12 Mk4 78 rpm & RIAA Phono Preamplifier
Wavestream Kinetics Archival Phono Stage
Website of Wayne Stegall - Digital Phono Equalization


AES Observations Audibility of Acoustic Polarity
AES Observations Audibility of Acoustic Polarity Comments
AES Real-World Audio Wave Form Asymmetries

Power Amps

Amps Lab
Class-A 10W Amp
Class-A Amplifiers explained
Connex Electronic
Hiraga 20W Class-A
JLH Class A revealings - Graham Slee
Leach Amp Plans
QKIts FK667
Neurochrome Audio

Power and Grounding

AC Power - Wikipedia
Are smart meters accurate
British Residential Wiring
Homeline HOM2175SB Surgebreaker
Mains Earthing Systems
Power Outage US
TED The Energy Detective
Watt, VA, Power Factor

Radio RF

10-meter band
Double Balanced Mixer - Theory Circuit and Operation
Rfwel 3G-4G Data Antenna
TV Signal Analysis


Audio Equipment Schematics
Audio Schematics and Manuals
dbx Equipment
dBx Schematics
dbx® Literature Downloads
HiFi Engine Service Manuals
Manuals KO4BB
Mic Schematics
Microphone Schematics
Online Schematics
Orban ftp Site
Technician's Filing Cabinet
Vintage German Modules


Advanced Linear Devices
AKM Semiconductor USA
Allegro MicroSystems Inc.
Cemenzind - Designing Analog Chips
Central Semi - Quad Transistors
Cool Audio
Linear Systems
LSI Computer Systems ICs
NE-555 Website
NTE Cross Reference
ON Semi
THAT Corporation
THAT Upgrading Modular VCAs
Toshiba Discrete Semiconductors
Toshiba Application Notes


JBL 4311 Rebuild
Radio Shack Minimus 7 Measurements
Speaker Refoaming
Tang Band Speaker
JBL Speaker Repair Foam Kit


CGS - Ken Stone's Modular Synthesizer
Dave Rossum Interview
DIY Stompbox
Don's Blog_ Last of the OTA's
Juergen Haible
L-1 Synthesizer
Magic Smoke Electronics
Moog Archives
Muff's Modules Synth Index
Music From Outer Space
Music From Outer Space VCO
Seb's Synth-DIY Pages - Bench PSU
SSM2040-Style VCF
SSM2164 Dual VCA
Step Sequencers - DIY Audio Electronics Kits
Synth DIY
Synth DIY Datasheets
Synthesis Technology

Test Equipment and Tools

Agilent Manuals
Chapman 7331 Allen Head SAE Metric
Deva Broadcast Ltd.
Equivalent Series Resistance Meter
Fluke 8050 LED Replacement
Fluke Parts
Global PB-104
Ideal Industries 34-801 Desolder Pump Replacement Tip
Leader LBO518 Manual
Low THD Oscillator - Toli's DIY Manuals
P Millet Soundcard Interface
Probe Master
QA400 Audio Analyzer
QT-59S - Solderless Breadboard
Rigol Test Equipment
Rousseau WSA1019 Workbench
SMT Soldering You Tube Vid
SpectraPLUS Audio Analyser
Tek Attenuators
Transistor Matching
WW Cannon
YMEC Audio Measurement


Antique Radio Classics
Bakelite Cleaning
Dweezil Zappa A Son of (a Mother of) Invention
Eddie Ciletti
How to design valve guitar amplifiers
HP Museum
IGS Audio - Photocell T4BX
JH-500 Docs
Manual Archive
Museum of Magnetic Sound Recording
Nixie Tube Page
Nostalgic Kits Central - Information on Heathkit and others
Panasonic SA-30
Solid State Tube Replacements - The 1L6
Tape recorder bias frequencies
The Philbrick Archive
Tube Data Sheets
Vintage 47 Amps